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Company profile  

Ntense Technologies is a dynamic company with extensive experience designing, installing, and implementing computer systems for multi-national corporate customers, small and medium companies. We are an innovative company providing technology solutions and follow-up support to an extensive customer base, each with unique systems needs. Our team strives for complete customer satisfaction and welcomes technology and systems challenges.

In analyzing a company's single or multiple user needs, Ntense Technologies can recommend solutions ranging from a single PC to LANs and WANs

Our solutions are developed from Ntense Technologies' significant experience with existing and new technology, and from years of designing successful computer systems for our clients. Ntense Technologies not only studies the quickly changing technology products available in the marketplace, but often is a leader in developing innovative system solutions to customers with demanding technology needs.

Ntenses services and expertise consists of both on-site and consulting services. We customize, implement, support, and update complete systems. We stay current with new products and maintain close relationships with leading manufacturers. Our main goal is to recommend business solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology, that has the potential to grow and expand with your company, and that is cost effective.

Ntense Technologies brings expertise from the inception of the PC revolution to present internet technology and connectivity. Its years in the computer and information systems field has armed Ntense Technologies with the skills and expertise to be an asset to you and your clients.

We enjoy working with companies that can challenge us and allow us to contribute to their success.

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